Demi Lovato’s ex Max Ehrich accused of pulling PR stunt with crying photos


Max Ehrich became the laughing stock on the internet after photos of him sulking at the beach after split with Demi Lovato, emerged on social media.

The actor was looking evidently disgruntled at the beach in Malibu—the same spot where he proposed to the Skyscraper singer—as he sat down and appeared to sob.

Social media users had a field day after his photos went viral as many branded the entire episode as nothing more than a PR stunt for attention.

“Not Max Ehrich going to the beach where he proposed and sitting there sobbing at the ocean, sir who is this performance for??” wrote one user.

“Max Ehrich saying Demi is using him as a PR stunt is so hypocritical,” added another.

“I’m convinced that Max Ehrich thinks life is a movie after seeing him sulk around the beach,” a third chimed in.

“I know Max Ehrich seems to have used Demi but I think all the hate should stop now. He’s clearly unstable and needs help. All this bullying isn’t ok,” wrote a netizen.