Meghan Markle knew the ‘duchess different’ tag was a sexist and racist attack towards her


Meghan Markle has fallen prey to a number of racist and sexist attacks by British tabloids and while many may assume she lives in a world oblivious about the hate getting fueled against her, they might be mistaken.

According to new details emerged by excerpts of Finding Freedom, the Duchess of Sussex was well-aware of the fact that she was getting singled out for every wrong reason.

“It was open season on Meghan, with many looking for anything and everything to criticize. ‘Duchess Different,’ a close friend of Meghan’s said. ‘That’s what people have a problem with. She’s the easiest person in the world to work with. Certain people just don’t like the fact she stands out’,” writers Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand wrote.

A source spilled to the authors that, “This is a script that wrote itself as soon as you knew that an American actress was coming into the royal family.”

“Meghan felt as though some of the commentary and tabloid stories were more than a culture clash; they were sexist and prejudiced. If a man got up before dawn to work, he was applauded for his work ethic. If a woman did it, she was deemed difficult or ‘a [expletive].’ The double standard was exacerbated when it came to successful women of color, often labeled demanding or aggressive,” the source added.

The writers further explained how the British media’s response to Meghan joining the royal family had also been quite racist.

Scobie and Durand wrote: “Racism takes a different form in the U.K. from in America, but there is no mistaking its existence and how ingrained it is. A major theme of racism in the U.K. centers on the question of who is authentically ‘British.'”