Sindh govt comes to the rescue of ailing Punjabi folk singer Shaukat Ali


Respected folk singer Shaukat Ali has received much-needed medical attention and a liver transplant after the Sindh government came to his aide following news that the veteran artist had been struggling to manage his treatment.

Ali, who is famous for songs he sang during the 1965 and 1971 wars, such as Saathion Mujahidon Jaag Utha Hai Sara WatanMera Puttar Pakistan Da, and Apna Quaid Aik Hai amongst many others, has been unwell for the past several years.

The ghazal maestro is one of the most prolific artists from the Pakistani music industry, with a singing career spanning around five decades as well as a Pride of Performance award.

In a tweet, Sindh government representative Murtaza Wahab responded to Twitteratis lauding the provincial government for its gesture, saying the Sindh government considered it its duty to continue serving all Pakistanis.

“Thank you for the tweet. It is our duty to serve people and the health initiatives of the Sindh government continue to serve all Pakistanis,” Wahab wrote on Twitter.

According to a local news report, singer Shaukat Ali had on Monday been admitted to the Gambat Institute of Medical Sciences, Khairpur for treatment of a liver infection. The treatment had been arranged on the directions of the Sindh chief minister.